Monday, April 12, 2010

To The Dead Tree Protectorate

Nothing is more fascinating, beautiful or sacred than a dead tree. Think about it. In the forest the death of the tree and its fungi facilitated decay is foundational to the forest and it’s entire ecosystem.

But it’s not just out in the woods that dead trees are important.

This is a special post dedicated to librarians. The gift they give society is immeasurable. Librarians are as foundational to the ecosystem of society as fungi are to the ecosystem of the forest. They digest and disseminate the most precious and magical dead trees of all, books. Books really are like magic. Take a little dried-pulp-of-dead-tree, some ink, our thoughts and imaginings and bind it all together. A single book can contain worlds. A library contains universes recording all the wisdom, love, loss and wonder humanity has ever had.

Librarians deserve our appreciation year round, but today is Library Appreciation Day. Ramping it up for a day is a wonderful idea. Bring them a book. Bake them a treat. Or just say thank you next time you see your local member of the Dead Tree Protectorate.

[Personally I thank the librarians of the Lilly Library in Florence, MA who always go above and beyond the call of duty. And thanks to Shelli Johannes-Wells for organizing Blogger+Love+Librarians. I'm going to bake a treat for my librarians today, like I did a few weeks ago for the fire department while guest-blogging. Confession: I half nabbed my title from Soulless by Gail Carriger in which appears the phrase “parasol protectorate.” This book is a delightful and refreshing read. Go check it out from your local library.]

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